The Locust – Safety Second, Body Last (2005)

Hi everyone and welcome to the 1000th Lines In Wax post! It’s only taken me over 8 years of inconsistent posting (haha), but we got there in the end. I’m nowhere near completing the list on the A-Z page, and the site has gone through various identity crisis’ in its time, but we are still here, and we are still posting.

Nowadays, Lines In Wax is basically a nice archive of the stuff that I’ve been listening to or watching. I love keeping track of the art, and putting together a few lines explaining more about the release in general. Gone are the days where we put out huge rambling reviews, gone are Kris, Gumpy, Griefmonger, Tom and Gareth (all of which have contributed excellent guest reviews to this site over the years, although Gar has said he will continue to submit reviews when he has the time), and gone are the days when i was distro’ing grindcore releases through this site.

However the hit counter jumps up five or so times a day on each new review, so someone is out there reading still (maybe just Russian bots?), so in that spirit, here’s to another 1000 reviews. I raise a pretentious, overpriced IPA to you, my friends….

Anyways, this wouldn’t be a review without mentioning a record, so….

Here it is, the 1000th review, The Locust’s Safety Second, Body Last. The Locust has always held a place in my heart. If that sounds a bit mental, you have to understand that I first heard this band when I was very young, and whilst they haven’t always been my favourite group, their records are consistently brilliant. The sheer insanity on display here boggles the mind. There really is no other band like them. On SSBL, the spookier electronic passages take centre stage, with the blasting mayhem taking something of a back seat. It is not completely withdrawn – there is plenty of chaos here – but it is restrained somewhat, as The Locust explore more freely the electronic side of their maddening music.