Anathema – The Crestfallen / Pentacost III (1992/1994)

Every so often I just gotta come back to early Anathema. Most often, it used to be to Serenades, but as time has gone on, I find myself revisiting this compilation rather than the debut album. Despite the engine of pure brilliance that modern Anathema has become, I do genuinely miss the old doomy Anathema. Honestly, this comp always gets looked over by me, but lets be frank here: as awesome as Serenades is, the production on both of these sessions is much more rounded and level. There is a haunting hollowness to Serenades (comparisons can be made to early My Dying Bride and even the first Cradle Of Filth album), but Crestfallen in particular is a lot dryer and clean. The songwriting is on point, the delivery flawless, and the vocals savage as fuck.