Savage Abduction (1973)

Two young girls are snatched for a high-paying maniac who is in love with life-sized dolls. A shady biker gang, who is at first a bit skeptical of the idea, soon warms to the $10,000 asking price for the girls, and they quickly kidnap two young hotties from the city. However, despite the premise for all sorts of debauchery, nothing really happens. At all. There is a bit of back and forth between the bikers and the kidnapped girls, all the while interjected with shots of the lead biker beating his girlfriend, and the doll-loving maniac making insane demands to see the girls he’s bought.

Some weed is smoked and the girls are stripped to their underwear…. and then nothing happens. The film keeps you guessing about what is gonna happen next, when will it kick off etc., but it never delivers. Ever. Even the ending, which sees most of the cast dead, just kinda happens under your nose. Couple that with drab scenes and awful lighting, and yeah, I’m surprised I made it through to the conclusion. However, the two girls – Amy Thomson and Tanis Gallik – carry the film and I’d love to see them in something else.