Cloud Rat – Blind River (2014)

Blind River is a release going back a few years from the absolutely savage grindcore band Cloud Rat. This release is a compilation of sorts, and I’ve heard parts of it before on the split 7″ with Orgullo Primitivo. I don’t want to water down Cloud Rat’s entire thing into one descriptive passage (edit: I have wrote about Cloud Rat in more detail before), but imagine a female-fronted Pig Destroyer and you wouldn’t be a million miles away. Holy shit, those vocals! A short, but solid record.

(2021 edit: This doesn’t seem to be a canonical release? The material is already found on splits as mentioned above, and again all of it is also found on the Discography 2010 – 2015 double CD. There is no listing for this anywhere except Spotify and the like, yet it is attributed to Artoffact Records, which does have an association with the band. Strange, eh?)