Last Days Of Humanity – Putrefaction In Progress (2006)

Surely this is the benchmark by which all gorenoise is measured? In our bizarre and unfair world, I remember this thing getting some heat when it first came out. “Since when were LDOH a noisecore band?” etc. etc. – true, the ‘groove’ which permeated earlier slabs of noise is well and truly buried in the ground, but like… who gives a shit? There is plenty of moronic groovy gore out there (not that I would put LDOH in the same ballpark as that, ever), and this is a genre-defining classic which has stood the test of time. Many have come, many have gone, but very few have reached the heights of sheer goremageddon noise carnage that Putrefaction In Progress revels in.

There is only gore. And snare. Lots of snare.