Christian Death – Pornographic Messiah (1998)

If you compare this stuff to the Christian Death of old, it comes across as a total fucking mess. Granted, that is part of what makes it so great. Female vocals (from the demonic Maitri) really work well with Christian Death’s macabre, sexy approach to industrial and gothic rock. Tracks are filled with punk venom but are delivered with metal velocity and a splattering of electronic sleaziness. Equally sprawling and ambitious as it is puerile (the four track album opener “The Great Deception” is a perfect example of this dual nature as it meanders back and forth), Pornographic Messiah is a scatological trip through the recesses of some disturbed minds, and it’s bloody brilliant.

“Weave My Spell” is stunningly erotic for a piece of industrial; succeeding where many others have tried and failed. The trip that is “Out Of Control” is probably my favourite track, and I dare you to tell me “Sex Dwarf” isn’t the greatest song title you’ve ever heard.