Rammstein – Made In Germany (2011)

‘Best Of’ compilations suck 99% of the time, so I’ll skip straight to the remix disc in this case. I guess I should also offer the disclaimer that remix albums are often also just a steaming pile of shit (some people just never learn though – I’m looking at you, Mortiis), but Made In Germany has some solid contributions from some decent names in the biz. Clawfinger’s go on “Sonne” is the first track to blow my dick off, and trailing subtly into second place is Laibach’s “Ohne Dich”, which is definitely more of a cover version than a remix.

I don’t feel like this review would be complete without a mention of the hilarious Devin Townsend’s remix of “Rammlied”, you have to check that out purely for the crimes it commits against musical sanity.