Kroh – Kroh (2011)

(Disclaimer: my version isn’t signed, I just bumped these pictures off Discogs. Sue me.)

Before Kroh got a female vocalist and walked down the path that they are on now, they sounded like this. I got a whole extra-morose Goatsnake kinda vibe off of this, but always found it jarring how the super heavy Entombed-core guitars jarred with the melodic vocals and almost poppy song structures. Maybe it is just the production, IDK. I love how this LP looks, but I gotta admit that it doesn’t get that many spins from me.

What is also interesting is that this entire section of the band’s history has been “consolidated” into one release now, with a fleeting mention of this LP on the group’s Bandcamp page, as well as the referring to of these songs as “demos” only. I mean, I wouldn’t call a full coloured 12″ vinyl run of your first album’s worth of studio recordings a demo, but there we go. Interesting.