E.T.T.S. / Fecal Corpse – Split CD (2006)

This is something that I have had in my possession for the best part of ten years and have never bothered listening to. I’ve got about three of ’em left from some trade from many moons ago, and I guess that fact that they were all shrink wrapped put me off listening to one and I just winged them all in my distro case and that’s where they have been ever since. The split is a pro-printed replication run by Kitchen Vomit Records, featuring the amazingly vivid artwork of Lou Rusconi. All I can say is that when I opened it, I was disappointed as fuck.

Ok, so E.T.T.S.’ set here is solid as fuck, that much I can confirm. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Fecal Corpse, whose tracks sound like someone accidentally sent a 92kpbs rip of the master disc to the pressing plant by mistake. I mean, it’s not actually bad music, but the sound quality is absolutely fucking atrocious, which even for this type of shit is a crying shame. It gives the whole thing a rushed, unprofessional feel and totally kills the vibe.

Wish I hadn’t opened it, to be honest.