Sacred Few – Beyond The Iron Walls

Welcome to a world of cornier-than-corny rock and/or roll. Sacred Few few play metal in the metaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaal sense of the word – metal so metal that it is basically bad hard rock. You know what I’m talking about right? Songs about riding bikes and coming and playing your town and all of that shit. But, there is something about this that is so deliciously more-ish, like a crap children’s cereal.

If female fronted rrrrawk is your bag then you should need no convincing to give this a go, otherwise it might be a bit more of a struggle. The production doesn’t help; for a start it is incredibly inconsistent, seemingly cobbled together from several sessions rather than being a coherent album recording. The artwork too… think I’ll stay away from that. Enjoy it for what it is!* 😀

(edit: so as I was putting this post together to get it up online, I came across a bunch of the same songs but sung by a dude. Was the album re-recorded with a female vocalist? Beyond The Iron Walls’ reissue is advertised as being all of the material the band ever recorded, but one quick look on YouTube will reveal that this is completely untrue. Can anyone tell me what the fuck is going on here?)

*fucking shite.