Demented Are Go – In Sickness & In Health (1986)

It is such a weird feeling when you discover something that has been under your nose this whole time (hell, since before you were even born – imagine such ignorance!). Today I’m talking about Cardiff’s Demented Are Go, who are – granted – a band praised for helping pioneer the psychobilly sound, which isn’t exactly my strong point. But, Demented Are Go lean towards the harder, more abrasive end of the scale, and hail from “down t’road”, so out of pure odds of chance alone, it is weird that I’ve never come across this guys until now.

Anyway, this is pretty fuckin’ cool. Hyper-speed punk meets the roots of ‘billy swing in a display of vulgar phlegm and tongue-in-cheek subject matter. “Pervy In The Park” is downright brilliant, as is “Transvestite Blues” and closer “Don’t Go In The Woods”. The production is a bit mucky, but if anything it lends to the overall product. The highlight for me is vocalist Sparky, whose throaty, gloopy rasp is akin to Wattie from Exploited on a valium overdose. Classic stuff.