Bad Religion – No Control (1989)

I’ve always had a soft spot for Bad Religion, despite having a “metalhead” background whilst growing up. It all started when I heard “You” on the soundtrack for the Tony Hawks 2 game back when I was a nipper (along with horrorpunk era AFI and Millencolin’s “No Cigar”, man that soundtrack didn’t half sell punk rock to me!). Although, coming up through a world of extreme metal, I found Bad Religion’s laid back punk rock approach almost too lazy.

In hindsight, as a fully grown, responsible adult, I can appreciate the music of Bad Religion. No Control is a stand-out for me with the band’s discography, matching pacy percussion, sharp riffing and dry production with fluid, soothingly melodic choruses and clever, thought-provoking lyrics. Nowadays, the band are a go-to for me for how good punk rock should sound, and No Control is more often than not the record that I choose to play.