Dead Twilight – …A Litany For The Deads… (2006)

January 8, 2018
Dead Twilight – …A Litany For The Deads… (2006)

A decade ago (Jesus Christ…) I tried (and failed) at running my own record label. I have done it again for fun once or twice since, but cutting out tape covers in my house is a bit different from trying to press vinyl and organising massive splits. Anyways, I failed miserably at it, but I did get my hands on some awesome music. This here was a CDr re-issue of an atmospheric Italian death metal demo by the band Dead Twilight that I released before I went into fully-fledged vinyl and CD releasing.

Some of you long time readers may remember these guys from Myspace; their gothic-tinged drum machine death attack stood out to me a country mile over all the usual boring bedroom grindcore that was filling my feeds at the time (remember those Bulletins? Jeez…) . It is only a couple of tracks long, but its a fucking stormer.

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