Zyklon – World Ov Worms (2001)

World Ov Worms is a lesson in razor sharp, sadistic death metal, taught by purveyors of the “other side” of the school: that being some of black metal’s most revered elite. Couple this with a dodgy name, very long trench coats and similar bizarre electronic passages to those on Mayhem’s A Grand Declaration Of War, and you have the icing on the cake to what is Zyklon’s Wormy World.

I remember World Ov Worms coming out when I was just a nipper getting into the world of alternative music. The track “Deduced to Overkill” appeared on a Kerrang! Compilation CD and I could not process nor understand what I was hearing – it was truly too extreme for me at the time, bless. The overall production here is astoundingly clear; there is crystal transparency, an equilibrium between the extremities of brutality and listenability that is rarely so well traveled and executed. Honestly, the electronic passages would probably put a few purists off but Zyklon is definitely under-rated in the death metal world. 

Some of the more chaotic riff patterns remind me heavily of 1349, and Trym’s drumming is on point, as per usual. Great stuff.