Killing Joke – Pylon (2015)

Pylon is the latest (at time of writing) in a long line of consistently excellent contributions from the legendary Killing Joke. It would be rather cheap of me to say the ol’ “if it ain’t broke…” thing that I always say, but that is somewhat true here: Pylon offers nothing new to the Killing Joke palate of sounds, but that is absolutely not to say that it doesn’t offer a whole new menu of phenomenal tracks, boasting a massive, impressive production thanks to Tom Dalgety (known for working with (uch) Ghost, and having been a producer at Wales’ own Rockfield Studios). 

“Autonomous Zone” and “Dawn Of The Hive” kick things off in proper Killing Joke fashion; the former boasting a spine-tingling bass guitar performance. “New Jerusalem” brings more of that Hosannahs… grade brutality’n’chug to the table, whilst tracks like “Big Buzz” show that the band are still more than capable of unfurling massive euphoric choruses. If you are looking for beautifully crafted, slightly weird and paranoid industrial rock, then you really should look no further.