Sehnsucht ‎– Wüste (2010)

Well, now I know what Grand Declaration of War would have sounded like if Maniac was given full creative control! I’m kidding of course; the Richter-like artistic meandering here would be far too much to take for an intolerant little man like Hellhammer (2023 edit: handbags away please, ladies). But, as per always, I digress. Sehnsucht is the experimental / power electronics project between Maniac and his wife Vivian Slaughter, who also plays in Gallhammer. There are a few other musicians also involved in this project, but aurally it seems to center around Maniac and his disturbing prose.

Imagine feral electronics meets beret-tipping poetry and dark, dense atmospherics, backed with cutting electronic riffage and doused in stale rose water, or something. “Cunt Queen” makes for some interesting listening, but the best track, hands down, is the epic “Hanging In English Garden”; a ten minute romp through all of the shit listed above. Drastic!