Kong Lives – Kong Saves (2017)

Kong Saves is the debut EP from new South Wales based doom metal / stoner outfit Kong Lives, featuring members of Tradish and the recently (sadly) defunct Desalvo. Kong Saves treads firmly on the ethereal yet groove-laden side of doom, rarely falling full force into the pits of sludgy despair. The trippier, more laid back parts remind me of Germany’s Samsara Blues Experiment, whilst the more full-on, distorted passages are akin to The Inside Room-era 40 Watt Sun mixed with something altogether more Slabdragger (yeah fuck it I’m going with that statement haha).

Track 4 features backing vocals from Judas Cradle’s very own Sam Wall, which is a nice addition to the nihilistic blast of doom. The fitting artwork was pen(cilled?) by long-time illustrator and once PUS vocalist Bvrzerk, and the amazing studio production was carried out by Newport’s Rhys Bryant (who has recorded the likes of Grand Collapse and Pizza Tramp, among others).