Necro Deathmort – Martian Cartography (2014)

Martian Cartography is an excellent album release by the criminally under-rated experimental duo Necro Deathmort. Mixing catastrophically heavy atmosphere with intelligent, progressive electronic work has always been ND’s forte, but on Martian Cartography, I find that this approach to sound design has finally had chance to spread its wings and fly. In some respects that means that this record isn’t as hard-hitting or droning as something off Music Of Bleak Origin or earlier, but the duo more than make up for it on the journey that they help take us on.

The opening track “Repeat-O” – and also, I’m sure not coincidentally, my favourite track, “The Ultimate Testament (Remix)” – both have pulsating beats carrying them; a clinical industrial backbone to a sparse electronic worldview. Other stand outs for me include “Cold Sleeps” and the muted closer, “Terra Cimmeria”, which has a relaxed, almost deep house feel.

Originally released as a download by the band themselves, this was eventually pressed onto CD by Extreme Ultimate.