Nothing Clean / Higgs Boson – Split 7″ (2016)

10/10 split 7″ from Olso fastcore/PV maniacs Higgs Boson (who perhaps have one of the sickest bass tones ever), going head to head with British kings of start/stop savagery, Nothing Clean. Both bands churn out rapid-fire bursts of aggression, as, of course, you would expect, but with Higgs Boson not being afraid to slow things to a crawl pace for a few seconds to highlight the speed of the quick bits even more, or to add little – dare I say it – melodic passages to proceedings. Also, is it a coincidence that HB’s side of the split is 4:20 in duration?

Nothing Clean are a little more direct with their approach; there is a hardcore punk edge to their powerviolence mentality. The way the chaos just fucking cuts with the dead stops literally drives me mad in the best possible way (I’ve seen ’em live too, and that shit is fucking mint).

Released as a collaboration between SuperFi Records, Samizdat Records, Glass To The Face Records and Cardiff’s own F.H.E.D.