Cease Of Breeding – Sounds Of Disembowelment (2010)

April 19, 2017
Cease Of Breeding – Sounds Of Disembowelment (2010)

Easily one of the best slices of death metal I’ve heard in the last few months, Cease Of Breeding’s only album, entitled Sounds Of Disembowelment, literally has the definitive death metal production sound, giving all of these massacres (I’m talking about the songs, geddit?) the room they need to breathe, and more importantly, brutalize, like a hundred daggers to the face and a thousand punches to the stomach all at once, or something equally as ridiculous.

The drumming is incredible, the guitars are ripping and the balance between the instrumentation is nothing but pure class. The vocals…well, maybe you should press play. Death metal always comes with some levels of discomfort but this is entirely and sickeningly indulgent; a total pleasure to listen to. Fucking awesome stuff.

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