Deafheaven – New Bermuda (2015)

Ah man, this is just, like, so lush. That was probably the Welshest sentence I’ve ever written to describe music, but I feel like it is somewhat entirely justified in this instance; you tend to hear the term “nice” black metal bandied about to describe acts such as Alcest, but I don’t usually rate those types of acts. However, Deafheaven for some reason seem to be an exception for me. This band have managed to follow up the ethereal Sunbather with something even more profound, expansive and all-encompassing than before; heaps of washing atmospheres and glittering passages of light mash head on with elements of blasting brutality, throat shredding vocals and soaring leads. Or, you could just write it off as hipster black metal, if you like.

Can’t wait to catch these guys live in a few weeks; if this material is anything to go by then the live show is bound to be intense as fuck. Favourite track: “Baby Blue”.