Portal – Seepia (2003)

Jesus, what a glorious fucking mess. I am instantly reminded of the Pissgrave review I did recently; these guys are really, really similar, only Portal has a more dark and eery vibe, rather than the terrifyingly vivid, gory splurge of Pissgrave. It would not surprise me if the bands shared members or something (edit: I just found out how old this album is, guess that Pissgrave relation was wishful thinking).

Anyway, this is some spooky shit. It can be difficult to successfully blend a theatrical element into death metal, especially without it seeming hammy or corny as fuck, but Portal’s racket (and image) is genuinely sinister and terrifying. It is almost as if the essence of death metal itself is being sucked through some other-worldly tear in the fabric of time and space; siphoned off to some unknown existence beyond the material plane, where it is subjected to inhuman and incomprehensible levels of horror, before being spewed back to us for our listening pleasure. Yeah.