Libido Airbag – Sleaze Servant (2016)

Sleaze Servant is the new EP from long-time techno-gore-grind filth mongers, Libido Airbag; a “band” so balls deep in scum and vulgar sounds that even your gran loves a dance to some of their older tunes. They’ve hardly pumped out volumes of material in their long existence, but the fact that they can still develop and spew out fresh sounds in such a restrictive genre is a testament to gore and porno grind, especially the latter, which often gets bogged down with oceans of crap digi-bedroom projects. Please ladies and gentlemen, just because you’ve found out how to work a drum machine, it doesn’t mean you can’t start a fuckin’ grindcore band.

But I digress. Sleaze Servant is exactly what the title promises it will be. Whilst a layer of filth has definitely been peeled away from The Airbag as they have progressed into the HD world; those old, minging recordings from the past were a lot sketchier than the pristine techno instrumentation on this record. Don’t get me wrong though, it’s still mankin’ as absolute fuck; the title track and “Black Mark Of The Iron Phallus” are examples of Libido Airbag at their titty-clamping best (edit: what?), whilst “Rectum Ritual” and “Praise The Placentagram” are filthy, delicious, and I guess in a really twisted way, just pure fucking genius. 10/10 for nastiness!