Agathocles / Generation Spasfon – Split CD (2009)

I’ve had this for so long but the sodding thing is so small I keep losing it amongst my CDs! The Agathocles stuff here seems to be original tracks, which is refreshing in itself, but the greatest surprise is that they are also somewhat strangely melodic; it is the same lo-fi high quantity of shredding mincecore, but with strange, almost ethereal guitar leads over a few of the tracks. Just when I’d thought I’d heard it all with Agathocles, they really took me by surprise. Excellent stuff!

Generation Spasfon are hardcore punk through and through. Rebellion runs through the blood of this energetic, if not slightly typical, hardcore assault. This, unfortunately, appears to be the only thing that this band has released (correct me if I’m wrong!) The band provide reams of information on vegetarianism and veganism on the CD itself, and also run a website which is still going today, which you can visit here (2021: link is dead).