Repulsive Vision – Look Past The Gore And See The Art (2017)

Look Past The Gore… is the long awaiting debut album from Barrow-based death metallers Repulsive Vision. It is to my knowledge that RV have been around for quite some time in various different line ups, with the most recent incarnation of the band solidifying suitably enough for a much-overdue full length to finally gestate. I am pleased to say that it has been well worth the wait, as this is a serious slab of death metal we are dealing with here.

Man, this is fucking good (once you look past (see what I did there?) the cringey rock ‘n’ roll intro to track 2); the drumming is tight as fuck and the guitars are literally weeping Carcass blood. To say Repulsive Vision is melodic would be a lie, but there is definitely a progressive edge to this record; the band are not afraid to stray from the gurgle’n’blast death metal template, there is definitely a heavy punk and thrash influence here, and this only adds to the overall nuance and dexterity of the album (the production too, helps immensely with making this stand out from the bogs of typical death metal).

My favourite track has to be the closer, “Credophilic”, although through the rasp of the vocals it kinda sounds like something far less savoury is being shouted about…