Oblivionized – Life Is A Struggle, Give Up (2015)

Oblivionized are a grindcore / tech death answer to the distillation of sounds purveyed by those such as early Dillenger Escape Plan, Fuck The Facts, and even to a degree, Antigama. The shredding guitar / intense drum work is reminiscent of fellow British grinders Evisorax, but Oblivionized have a much more – how should I put it – “progressive” edge that sees a lot of interesting elements brought into the firing line (like the singing bowl on “I Pity You”).

The only downside here is that the band is missing a bass player. This doesn’t usually matter in circles such as these, but unfortunately, in some of the more adventurous or experimental parts of Life Is A Struggle… (i.e. – when it isn’t just blasting or shredding to fuck) the missing dimension of the low end can really be felt.