Luciferion – The Apostate (2003)

Luciferion were a band from Sweden that played an interesting blend of genres that I can only describe as symphonic death metal. Like Dimmu Borgir, Emperor and the like did for black metal in the 90s, Luciferion apply the same logic to brutal, unrepentant old school death metal. Obviously, there is a lot of variation in death metal now and a lot of different angles to the style, especially as incorporating certain aspects of melody and atmosphere have become quite common. Nevertheless the clash of ripping death metal and the pomp of the symphonic elements is a bit jarring at first, kind of as if you are playing two different albums at the same time by mistake.

I’m not sure what it was exactly that kept me listening, but very quickly everything fell into place and what Luciferion were trying to do made perfect sense to me. Anyways, The Apostate gathers together all of the material the band released asides from their debut album (Demonication (The Manifest)), and asides from The Apostate material, contains their Demon of 1994 demo (although the tracklist is different from the Demo 1994 listing on Discogs…confusing?), and a Celtic Frost cover.