Last Days Of Humanity / FUBAR – Split 9″ (2017)

So, so, so stoked for the return (yet again lol) of Last Days Of Humanity, and the return to the gurgling madness we all know and love. This return is somewhat low key, but I guess it fits with dropping new shit on a split. I believe the music on here was recorded some time ago, and that the vokills have been provided recently. It is good shit though, glad to have ’em back!

FUBAR (or is that F.U.B.A.R.) have been around for yonks but I am useless with this shit so I haven’t had a proper listen to these guys since I heard the split with Catheter many moons ago. Their material here seems to have a lot more of a hardcore punk kinda influence than I remember, but this is solid stuff that I need to check out more of!

Out on Poland’s excellent Fat Ass Records and USA’s excellent Haunted Hotel Records.