Nervosa – Victim Of Yourself (2014)

It has taken me so long to review this album that the follow up came out recently (2016’s Agony). That is pretty shameful, as I have been pretty stoked about this bunch of Brazilian thrashers since catching them at 2015’s Obscene Extreme. Nervosa are an all-female act, and it is incredibly refreshing to not see this used to their “advantage” as some sort of gimmick or selling point.

Victim Of Yourself has the perfect production job for a thrash metal record; clear and concise, with the drums protruding clearly through the mix, and the bass clanking away and not hidden by the guitars. Vocalist / bassist Fernanda Lira boasts a frankenstein rasping howl, drawing blood from Death’s Chuck Schuldiner and ex-Arch Enemy front-woman Angela Gossow.