Henker – Slave Of My Art (2010)

Henker are absolutely lightening fast! Imagine Meshuggah-meets-Braindrill in the same studio Cattle Decapitation recorded their last few albums in. Maddening drumming performances meet technical yet brutal guitar playing and dexterous bass movements that completely fuck with your head. I mean, those drums….Jesus Christ. I know they are triggered into oblivion, but you gotta be impressed by this shit.

Honestly though, due to the sheer speed and technicality of this thing, all the songs do kinda blur into one big brutal mass, which strikes an interesting duality with the fact that it is incredibly listenable; it is hard to get off the ride once it has begun. For those of you who like death metal to be a little bit cleaner than the old school stock, and with a progressive element; this comes strongly recommended.