Hour Of Penance – Regicide (2014)

Hour Of Penance are an intensely fast and technical brutal death metal band from Italy. They have been going since 1999, and whilst their style has changed somewhat over the years (there are also, quite unusually, no remaining original members in the group) they have retained a relevance in the worldwide death metal scene. With regards to the sound on Regicide, think razor-sharp riffery but with a refreshing melodic edge, savage guttural vocals and lightening fast drum attacks.

If you like your metal with plenty of twists and turns, but also brutal as fuck, then by all means, do not look any further. Regicide is not the most recent release from this group, but it is my favourite (out of what I have managed to hear so far, at least!). On a side note, the band are also playing Bristol Deathfest, which is a fairly-local festival to us at LIW HQ. Check it out!