Timeghoul – Panaramic Twilight (1994)

(Mad apologies for snatching this cover art from Demo Archives, but there is literally not a decent scan of this anywhere else. Anyways Demo Archives is a really cool site that you should consider checking out)

Panaramic Twilight is the second demo from shamefully short-lived death metal act Timeghoul. The brutality and the distorted, nightmarish sounds of the band’s first offering, Tumultuous Travelings, is distilled and refined into a more streamlined and cleaner yet fantastically proficient record. The fact that this is an early 90s death metal cassette demo is astounding; the production quality is fantastic and the band really feel in their element. The band were onto something really special here, and it is a crying shame that they disbanded not long afterwards. (2020 edit: they did not disband until 2005, but they released no more recordings into the world.)