Pissgrave – Suicide Euphoria (2015)

Pissgrave are one of the few bands out there these days that actually fucking scare me; what a crazy explosion of disgusting sound! And I mean, what in the holy hell is going on with the sleeve art? Granted, I’ve seen the world’s innards on many a goregrind sleeve but there’s something entirely menacing about the unknown fate of whoever’s bones are on the cover. Is that weird? Fuck it. The murky mystery of the cover art compliments the muddy clusterfuck that is Suicide Euphoria absolutely perfectly. It almost sounds like the music itself is spluttering out of that horrible brown liquid.

The vocals are something else. Definitely some of the sickest lows I’ve heard in a while; borrowing heavily from the nauseating spit and gurgle heard more in goregrind than in any type of death metal. Stand out tracks for me are “Impaled Vibration” and “Blood Fog”.