Impaled Nazarene / Beherit – Split 12″ (1994)

This is a super-kvlt-as-fvvk bootleg release of two sound desk recordings from the Day Of Darkness Festifall in Finland, all the way back in 1991, although it wasn’t released until 1994. It was originally released on 1000 copies of red wax, but has since been re-released and repackaged on several formats under different titles – such is the world of bootleggers! To be honest, I stumbled across this without even realising that it was a bootleg. The only thing sucky about bootlegs is that it can hurt underground bands sometimes.

This is really, really cool, though. I mean, just the cover art for a start, but the music itself is fantastic; it’s grainy, wobbly and a little bit awful, but that lends itself to the content immensely. I had almost forgotten Impaled Nazarene’s dirgy beginnings (their full lengths always surprise me as being so well produced for such a savage band), and Beherit slay it here too.

One to spin if you’re feeling in an underground mood.