Blank Banshee – Blank Banshee 0 (2012)

I might be a bit late to the Blank Banshee party, but that doesn’t stop me from chaining the entire discography a few times on a night shift or two. It definitely got the ol’ chair reclining; it was actually quite pleasant working away to the busy-yet-lucid tunes in a 2am caffeine haze. What stood out to me the most out of the Blank Banshee records was this one, the first one.

There’s just something about this one that seems much more precious. It is hard to be original at all in electronic music, and whilst I’m not claiming that Blank Banshee has in any way re-invented the wheel, this is an extremely refreshing take on several different layers of the electronic world. I know I’m playing catch up, but this is amazing stuff.