Bulldozer – Unexpected Fate (2009)

Bulldozer are a ridiculous thrash band from Italy. They have been broken up for quite a while, but they played Obscene Extreme a few years ago and this turned me on to them. They keep parading that some dickhead Kerrang! journalist labelled them as the worst band in the world (like anyone ever gave a fuck what Kerrang! thinks anyway) and with a history of songs about pornstars and terrible experimental techno records, I can see why people would think this.

But despite the gimmicks, including the zany onstage presence, this is a solid record. It has a proper pacy old school thrash feel to it, kinda like classic Slayer if I could be so bold with my comparisons. I’ve checked out quite a lot of their old stuff too, and whilst some of the of the charm is lost through the fairly meaty studio production sound, this is still a thoroughly entertaining listen, despite what the cover art would have you think. Tune in!