Terrorizer – Demo ’87 (1987)

Everyone knows World Downfall, right? Right!? To be honest, getting onto World Downfall was one of the last things I did in familiarising myself with the history of grind, purely because every other Terrorizer record is so…well….not weak, but just….bland as fuck. World Downfall however, sounds like Morbid Angel on methamphetamine, and this 87′ demo sounds like the same thing but fed through a fucking meat grinder first. Whilst I do appreciate the analogue warmth to the “big” studio sound of the band’s most famous record, there is just something about this demo which adds to proceedings in a way that the studio recording can’t.

I must be coming across like a more-kvlt-than-kvlt black metaller or something (“only the first demo is reeeaaal!”), but I am not trying to insist that things simply have to be recorded shittily to sound crusty or anything like that, and it’s not even as if these recordings are particularly “necro” or unlistenable either. It’s just here, or rather – there, back in 1987, there was magic in the air. Crackling. This entire thing is pulsing and overflowing with excitement and energy. Something that everything else Terrorizer has released since these recordings has been sorely missing.