Jimmy Eat World – Integrity Blues (2016)

(words by Burra; eater of worlds, rustler of Jimmies)

Here we have the band’s latest 11 track release: Integrity Blues; a beautiful sounding record from start to finish, and one that definitely shows off the slower, softer side to the band (which I love) with lots of atmosphere and lots of emotion. Haunting, soothing and yet, at times, harder hitting.

It’s very difficult to pick any stand-out tracks from this album, simply as this is a band that when I choose to listen to them, I can listen to the album in its entirety, rather than single out any specific tracks. I feel that is the type of band that Jimmy Eat World are. For arguments sake however, I do really enjoy “Get Right”, with it’s dark, driving riff and big chorus; one of the somewhat heavier tracks actually from this little bunch. “Sure and Certain” too, for that big, happy-sounding chorus alone. I also enjoy the soft yet moody “Pretty Grids”, as well as “Pass The Baby”, which builds and builds slowly until out of nowhere in comes those surprising riffs to lead the song out. But, as the entire thing all flows so well I won’t delve any further into picking the tracks apart!

In a nutshell, this is just a really nice sounding record, and there’s always something about Jimmy Eat World’s music that gets me lost inside it. I’ll admit that Clarity, their 1999 release, is one of my favourite albums ever, so it was of no surprise to me that I really enjoyed this release. Haven’t really got a bad word to say about this, if you’re a fan no doubt you’ll enjoy, and if your new to them I still recommend a listen.