Drowned – Butchery Age (2003)

Drowned are so metal that I could only dream as being as metal as this level of metal. Metal!!!!!!!!!! Think melo-death, but the raspier, nastier side, married with messy blasts and the odd wiggly riff for good measure. To be honest, I spun Butchery Age on the strength of the cover alone, and to be completely honest, whilst it’s easy for me to take the piss out of just how metal this is, there really isn’t anything wrong with it. That however, does not stop it from being excruciatingly metal-by-numbers. I mean, if you fucking LOVE metal then you’re all set to go, but otherwise, you might struggle getting through this.

Musically, I can’t pick faults in this, although at this point you might be expecting me to. The drums leave a little bit to be desired, but this is entirely down to the snare sound, rather than the playing skill or dexterity of the drummer. Drowned are obviously very technically proficient in their chosen field and no doubt enjoy doing what they do. Personally though, this isn’t for me, I’m afraid.