Eastern Front – Blood On Snow (2010)

Eastern Front play an interesting, modern brand of grim and cold blackened metal. As claustrophobic yet desolate as a Siberian no-man’s land, perpetuated entirely by a contradictory boxy and compressed drum sound as a foundation for expansive, frosty riffery. It is, quite honestly, a bit of a clusterfuck, sonically. It’s like the album can’t decide if it wants to be dissonant and mysterious, or tight and precise. Therefore it sits somewhere in the middle, not really falling fully into either camp, presenting the listener with an unique listening experience.

If you’re into leather, corpsepaint and beards that resemble ancient door bells, then I would strongly recommended Eastern Front. The military thematics add an extra, almost cinematic edge to the already twisted grimness of the blackened metal on display. Fight or die!