Nuclear Vomit – Chlew (2015)

Nuclear Vomit proclaim themselves as “Anal Fisting Scum Grind Core”, which to be honest does a pretty good job of describing the band’s dirgy, sluggish metal-with-porno-grind-vocals approach. Bludgeoning, mid-paced death is the order of the day, complemented by mainly piggy vocals and back ‘n’ forth dancey dancey bits that are so prominent with shit from this part of the world. Hey kids, death metal can be fun!

The Czech Republic is almost like a breeding ground for gory groovy stuff like this. Nuclear Vomit join the ranks of countrymen Ahamudo Granujo, Mincing Fury…. and ….Anal Garland as some of the best sickness that has come out of Europe. Tuck in!

(Edit: I’ve since found out Nuclear Vomit are from Poland – my humblest apologies!)