Montreux Fires – Trying For The Sake Of Trying (2016)

(Words by Burra; The 6th Beatle)

This is the debut EP from fresh on the scene South Wales-based female-fronted four piece, Montreaux Fires. The EP starts with a quick spoken word intro taken from the recording process (it’s worth noting that this was self-recorded by the band’s bassist in his living room) before launching into the track “Our Little Life” – a cracking opener and one I can imagine would go down really well live, with a nice big riff to kick this one off before slowing down into some dreamy, haunting verse vocals and unleashing that perfect chorus hook! Great track to kick off the release with is this one!

“Disclosure”, which the band has made a video for – I feel this track shows off all elements of the band, both musically and vocally, again with another awesome chorus (there’s a pattern emerging here). The track is somewhere in-between the slower and faster side to the band, so I think it was perfect choice to choose to showcase themselves with. Loving the group harmony sounds too, on this one.

“Trying” is a lovely slow number, with a what I would describe as very Brand New-esque sound to it, which works so well, leading into a nice big faded out ending and with some spot on guitar sounds throughout. A big sounding track overall and a definite EP highlight. However it’s “Walls” that really is the perfect choice of track to see out the EP with. I love how the song builds up to that massive sounding ending! Again, with some big sounding group harmonies thrown in here too, which accompanies vocalist Lydia’s powerful vocals very nicely indeed. Well crafted and well chosen.

Overall this is a fantastic debut release; one that the band can be confident in too. I’d also like to say top job on the production here; keeping things DIY yet still managing to set the bar at a very high standard, and despite being a such a new band it’s very promising to see and hear material so strong already.

For fans of: Brand New, Paramore, Jimmy Eat World.