Wolfbastard – Wolfbastard

Grim, inappropriate, catchy and scathing – these are the first things that come to mind for describing Wolfbastard’s debut. Self-proclaimed as d-beat black metal, don’t expect later Darkthrone worship as this little 21:41 minutes of fuck you has more in common with Discharge-meets-Carpathian Forest than F.O.A.D. It’s a bastard (forgive the pun) of two thirds of blackened death Mancs Burial (more blackened nowadays). The first four tracks have a very grim feel and you can hear the black metal run true with a loose right hand, a fast d-beat and a scream that gives a little bit of a goat blood flavour.

As for the rest of the album, you can hear where the cult live-gig-crowd are gonna chime in and fucking love it. From then on, you know: “Sick In The Bath”. “F.R.P.B” ( Fat Romanian Punch Bag anyone!?), “Fuck The Pope” and “Die Bastard Die” are going to be chanted live by those who have learned the chorus. There’s no lyric sheet, but there’s no need though, as you can hear the expletives and that’s all we need, right? It’s nasty, filthy and it shall appeal to crusties, black metal heads and some of the more extreme punk crowd alike. The artwork is pretty cool, too; buxom scarred beauties engaging in foreplay with wolves – what’s not to love? “Sick in the Bath”! You are all gonna be singing it sooner or later.