Vulvulator – Obscenario (2007)

Vulvulator are (or were) a pornogrind band from the incredibly-metal-as-f sounding Uzhgorod, which is in Ukraine. One of the greatest tragedies of the 21st century is that they only ever released one album and a couple of splits. Obscenario is a bizarre blast through the usual pastures fermenting in these particular genres (slam / pornogrind / brutal death metal), but the production style chosen by the band (or maybe the studio producer?) really adds an interesting twist to proceedings. The songs are led by the bass, which strong and prominent in the mix, followed up by the guitars and held together by the odd drum sound; an unique twist on the ol’ tighter-than-your-average snare sound.

If I had to sum up Vulvulator in one song I believe I could easily do this with track two on this heffer; “Oestrum Ecstasy”. It perfectly sums up what I mean when this band ride the slam/BDM sound but also incorporate an odd, bass-driven sound. Other highlights include “Boy In A Boat”, “Horror Of P.M.T.” and the quite-excellent cover of GUT’s “Dead Girls Don’t Say No”. It frightens me that this album is nearly ten years old. Hopefully I will still be listening to pornogrind from beyond the grave, but we’ll see.