Calling Apollo – The Great Depression Act 1 (2016)

(words by Porth’s man-in-thon-know, Gareth Burra)

Here we have the new 6 track release – The Great Depression Act 1 – from South Wales 5 piece Calling Apollo. What a huge sounding record this is; production wise, instrumental and vocal wise – it’s great! A very wisely chosen opening track comes in the form of “Light The Way”; I love the guitar tone in this, it’s very reminiscent of a lot of the 2000’s era rock that was about, topped off with some really powerful vocals, solid bass playing and hard hitting drumming.

Personal favourites for me include the popular single “Clone City”, “Obelisk” (massive sounding track!) and the ballad-like “The Wars”, but this release just flows so well as a whole. There is a really carefully chosen and selected bunch of tracks here, all skillfully crafted. Also, the perfectly chosen ending to the release – “…And The High Plateau”; another ballad style number just closes the record off perfectly. Such a nice sound to this one and a great closing track. As I say, the whole thing just flows so perfectly.

Plain and simply this mini-album is just brilliant. It oozes strength and power; a really confident-sounding record from a band that know exactly what sound they are going for and are confident in doing such so early on in their career. There’s nothing shakey about this one. Calling Apollo are a breath of fresh air in an otherwise stale Welsh music scene, so stick with these guys as I can only see good things for them. This is a release they can really be proud of, and I see no reason why these guys won’t be pretty huge a few years down the line.

P.S Fans of Saosin, Billy Talent, Circa Survive, Thursday etc may enjoy this one!