Brutality Will Prevail – Forgotten Soul (2009)

Brutality Will Prevail are a long-running Welsh hardcore band that have, over the years, gone through several styles and line ups. Forgotten Soul is the band’s 2009 debut album (they self-released a few things before this, but this was the proper debut) and it catches the band when they were playing a really down-tempo, super-chuggy style of hardcore. I guess it is almost like slam death metal, but with the endless double kicks taken out. BWP are a decent hardcore band in their own right (Root Of All Evil is the tits), so it’s a bit of a shame that this record conforms so strictly to the chug-style, which was, if I’m totally honest, just what everyone did back then.

There are so many fucking awful trendy chug bands in Wales, even now. Kids are still listening to mindless bollocks like Oceans Apart and it genuinely baffles me – I mean, is it still 2007? Why is this genre even still a thing? Anyways – on to the album. I won’t pretend that making it through the whole thing in one go isn’t a bit of a task for me, but then again, I’m a bit out of my comfort zone here. But,that doesn’t necessarily mean that this album is bad. The vocals are fucking class. On first impressions, (musically, not so much vocally) I can make a lot of comparisons to the early sound of Annotations Of An Autopsy, who made waves in this style of music before jumping ship before shit got too stale.

Perhaps I shouldn’t have reviewed this album, because I’ve gone off on a massive tangent, but fuck it, it’s written now so it’s getting posted! Stay tuned to Lines In Wax kids, for super top quality content like this!

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