Genitorturers – 120 Days Of Genitorture (1993)

I avoided Genitorturers for a very long time simply because I was aware of the fact that Vincent from Morbid Angel played in some sort of badly-named industrial side project. I was also acutely aware of his penchant for bad leather / pvc shit so on those reasons alone I gave this band a very wide berth. I know that this band doesn’t begin and end with Ol’ Vince, but when all those crapulent dance/gabba/industrial parts started leaking horrifically into Morbid Angel’s music, some sort of morbid curiosity (see what I did there?) was awakened, and I came over for a listen.

At first it sounds a bit like Prong meets L7, only not as sexy as one would imagine that mash up to be (ironic considering the immense overtones of this band’s image). The music sounds to me like stale, 3rd-rate Marilyn Manson grade shite that goths like to dance to, only infuriatingly paraded under the industrial banner. Why does that happen? Industrial to me is Throbbing Gristle, Godflesh, early Einsturzende Neubauten etc. etc., not boring grungy metal with BDSM over-tones.

I have nothing positive to really say here so I’m just gonna wind this up before I go off on a massive tangent about how frustratingly shit this is.