Haggus – Mince The Meat Monger (2014)

Something tells me that the members of Haggus may possibly be vegetarians, or even vegans. I’m not sure what it is; I really can’t put my finger on it…

Anyways, sarcasm aside, this is some top notch mincecore. Like, seriously good shit. Like, better than 95% of the shit out there. Better than 95% of Agathocles splits. I love the new wave of gory mincecore/grind/whatever coming from America and Canada, and this fits perfectly into that new wave, joining Archagathus and Hyperemesis as some of the sickest shit ever.

The vocals on this are phenomenally watery and gooey, and the bass sounds like an industrial-sized cabbage grinder, leading this gargling mess over the precipice into a mincing oblivion of stomping beats, 2-steps and blasting explosions. This only appears to have ever been available on cassette, released on a co-op between Fuck Your Life and Mullet Death Records, but as always, someone has uploaded it to YouTube, so check it out. It’s awesome.