Korn – Korn (II / Untitled) (2007)

Yo dawg, we heard you liked Korn so we made you a Korn to release after your Korn (but not before the other Korn). Who’s putting out all this Korn you ask? Well, fucking Korn, of course. I mean, how much Korn could a Korn fan konsume, if a Korn fan could konsume Korn? Korn obviously don’t think that kontinuing to kall albums Korn, even though they already have records kalled Korn – now totalling three Korns – is konfusing. But, for me, as far as Korn are concerned, in regards to Korn, Korn and the third (and thus-far final) Korn, Korn finally have enoughs Korns recorded. This here retrospective review is about Korn’s second album kalled Korn, ingeniously entitled Korn. To konfuse things further, this record is sometimes referred to as Untitled, although it is in fact, titled Korn. Hopefully that has cleared that up.

I hope that the above enormous paragraph of wanton shit talking has given you a brief idea of how much I am struggling to write anything of any worth about this particular Korn album (the second Korn album to be kalled Korn). Take A Look In The Mirror and See You On The Other Side saw the band reigning in their sound a bit, and Korn (the second Korn) furthers this trend, with the band seemingly becoming nothing more than a studio project with session musicians at this point. The lead single, “Evolution”, whilst not a bad tune, is just krap to be honest, in the way that if that’s the best this record can offer for a lead single, then we are pretty much fucked.