7 Minutes Of Nausea / PTAO – Split CD (2000)

Pár Teček A Otazník, almost always abbreviated to PTAO, were a noisecore band that were initially active through the nineties up to the early 2000s (although there has been a full length released last year, and a series of CDrs a few years back). On this release they mix bizarre classical background music with very high studio-quality noisecore blur attacks, topped with goregrind style pitched vocals, which is a nice change for this type of thing.

7 Minutes Of Nausea seem to sometimes just transcend noisecore into all out…… I’m not even sure. All constructs and designs of music are completely absent, resulting in complete and utter nonsense. I guess that is the point though and this is the next step forward. Nothing matches, not even in the style of noisecore, just pure non-music dissonance and chaos. Released on Bizarre Leprous Productions.